DAC 2 Rust remover

DAC 2 Rust remover

  • DAC 2 Rust remover

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FUKKOL DAC2 is a special viscous liquid acid formulation having aspecial cationic type penetrant and stable inhibitor which provides effective protection on most metals and many other surfaces .It can be used in ways like dippinng ,brushing or wiping ,etc

Product details


packing specification gross weight net weight size   unit capacity
4pcs x/Ctn 2.5kg 2.1kg 270×115×280(MM) 500ml


Ideal for prepaint treatment of metal surfaces ,finishing housing and panels ,aluminum and tin boilers and mods,brightening aluminum ,and stainless steel .Also applicable for cleaning radioactive contaminated equipment ,cleaning tile and grouting


DAC2 has rapid wetting and penetrating ability ,thus providing faster rust and corrosion removal than other commonly used acids.Effective in  a wide range of temperatures DAC2 special inhibitor does not precipitate out and become inactive even after large amounts of rust and corrosion have been dissolved .DAC2 rinses freely and contains no muriatic acid