H.T.M shiny plastic toughening

Product Information
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1.HTM chemical additives, viscosity, plastic raw materials for add gloss and toughness improvement of the plastic surface gloss, and to increase product stability.
2.HTM use in plastic case no side effects, meet safety standards, widely used in toys, electrical appliances and household products manufacturing

Product details

* Non-toxic ingredients safe to use.
* Does not affect the plastic raw materials, increase stability.
* Improve some toughness, under certain circumstances can be replaced, impact-resistant plastic, to reduce costs.
* Can shine more than double, increasing light.
* All plastic can serve to increase: gloss, toughness, tensile
Strength, cold resistance, flame retardant.


The main performance
All plastics can serve to increase: gloss, toughness, tensile strength, cold resistance, flame retardant.